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killer after a wife's murde. in the south bay, a wanted man. the search for a killer after a wife's murder. >> an inappropriate relationship collides with national security >> and reading between the partisan lines. looking for a deal as the fiscal cliff negotiations get underway. sort of. family members of a murdered south bay woman are in disgust tonight. they are shocked that she's dead, and in disbelief about who's accused of killing her. officers found her body this morning. elizabeth cook with the manhunt for the
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suspect. >> reporter: investigatored have confirmed the -- investigators have confirmed the victim. and they are looking for her husband. they have enough evidence to make him a suspect in her murder. >> you sit here every weekend, friday through sunday, teaching my kids. how to be real men, and how to treat women, and everything i've been through, and you've sat their and criticized my decisions. and now i'm standing in front of your house after you did this to your wife. >> reporter: family members arrived at the scene only to realize their worst fears were true. >> patricia was a wonderful woman. very wonderful. and he didn't deserve this. >> reporter: at one time, tanya and her two young boys lived in the home with their aunt and uncle.
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>> i can see him getting physical. but i can't see this happening. >> reporter: police arrived to discover a woman's body in the entry way with a hoodie around her face. there were no signs of forced entry. >> i can honestly say before today, i looked at him as a good man. now i look at him as scum. >> reporter: brandon says his uncle troy was a black belt in martial arts. >> threw me through a shower. and i threw him back through the shower. >> i want you to turn yourself in. i want you to turn yourself in! [ crying ] >> i don't want you to take the easy way out because i know that's your next route. don't take the easy route. turn yourself in, and let every single one of us face what you just did to ruin our family. >> reporter: now it took police over two hours to get to the scene. the first time was about
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5:38 this morning, but when the operator picked up nobody was there. police get dozens of these calls every day. they were then trying to deal with a rash of auto thefts and arrived at the scene only to find two dogs outside. they couldn't enter the home until they called animal control. and when they finally got into the house 2.5 hours later -- police are looking for a gray silverado pickup truck. the resignation of the head of the cia shocks the community. david petraeus steps down after admitting he had an affair. the other woman is said to be his biographer. the fbi investigated to see whether the affair would be a security risk. >> reporter: it was just over a
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year ago, his wife by his side, that one of america's most decorated generals took the oath of office as cia director. today he resigned in disarrays. in a statement -- in disgrace." i showed extremely poor judgment by gentlemen of engaging in an extra marital affair." the affair came to light during an investigation that started months ago. officials became concerned about e-mails he exchanged with his biographer. >> it's sad. >> reporter: cbs 5 military analyst colonel brendan carney met him during his book tour
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>> she acknowledged she had been given unfetterred access to him. >> does that seem suspicious to you when you think back? >> in 31 years of being around an awful lot of general officers, i've never heard of anybody having the type of access that she had. and was i suspicious? no. i'm not going to give myself credit for that. >> reporter: the white house insists it knew nothing about the investigation until petraeus told the president after the election. his confession comes at a sticky time for the cia. he was scheduled to testify next week in closed door congressional hearings about the benghazi terrorist attack. the resignation may not end his problems. >> you and i as citizens don't worry what happens between consenting adults. of in the military, that is something something that is punishable by military law.
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he could be recalled from the retired status and be subject to disciplinary action. >> infidelity is also a sensitive problem in the cia. they are always concerned about the possibility that agents can be blackmailed for information. >> patreus isn't the first high-profile military figure to lose his job. in 2010, it was stanley mccrystal. as a top u.s. commander in afghanistan, he ofrped highly critical remarks of the obama administration to a -- offered high school critical remarks of the obama administration to rolling stone. he called biden a crown and seemed to question the war effort itself. he was quickly relieved of his duties by president obama. and then there's the challenge facing freshly reelected president obama. a looming tax deadline and a
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congress that hasn't always been entirely cooperative. >> i'm open to compromise. i'm open to new ideas. i'm committed to solving our fiscal challenges. but i refuse to accept any approach that isn't balanced. i am not going to ask students and seniors and middle class families to pay down the entire deficit while people like me making over $250,000 aren't asked to pay a dime more in taxes. and i've got the pen, ready to sign the bill, right away. >> on the other end, the man who will be necessary for any kind of a tax deal, speaker the republican-controlled house. wyatt andrews went looking for the path to compromise. >> can you give us an idea of where you're going with that? if tax rates are not on the table, are you talking about
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going after deductions? >> it's clear that there are a lot of special interest loopholes in the tax field, corporate and perform. it's also clear -- and personal. it's also clear that there are all kinds of reductions, some of which make sense, others that don't. >> reporter: two of the biggef the mortgage interest -- biggest are the mortgage interest tax deduction -- raising taxes on the rich by limiting what they take off their taxes. the president has dismissed this approach before, because the same deductions also help the middle class. >> what we're seeing now is a classic negotiation. both sides are sounding tough but are also sending signals on where they might find common ground. >> as for the congress that will vote on a budget deal, several house races are still
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too close to call. including here in sacramento. dan lungrin has fallen behind by almost 1,800 votes. tea party lightning allen west has lost a court challenge in his battle for reelection. a florida judge ruled against his request to impound ballots and voting machines over voting irregularities. the congressman is losing to democratic challenger patrick murphy by 2,600 votes. and as for the state of florida as a whole, the presidential votes are still being counted. while the florida vote could be close enough for a recount, the romney campaign has conceded the race. no word as to when the state might certify that result. last week it was so nice
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and warm! and tonight it is a very different story! paul? >> big deal , big change. we had record highs as recently as tuesday. and tonight, we have a frost advisory! those of you watching us in marin county and sonoma, and napa, are this is for you. and that's a change from 6:00 tonight. you're under a frost advisory with overnight lows pretty close to freezing. bring the pets inside! and cover any tender vegetation. temperatures outside, pretty chilly. san raphael, 47, santa rosa 48. napa, fairfield, concord, livermore. this is mount diablo, a dusting of snowfall in inland areas this morning. details coming up.
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your skis shined up - and te you see this? right there. look at that! several things. you can get your skis all waxed up and your chains ready for your tires. >> reporter: the storm brought snow, slush, and gridlock to the sierra. drivers slowed by chain requirements inched over interstate 80 near donner summit. this is interstate 80, the only northern route into california from the whole rest of the united states. a lot of people who've never seen the snow before. just another day in paradise. >> reporter: for all the extra time and frustration, the snowfall could be a windfall for ski resorts who limped through a near snowless early season last year. the snow guns are already running at full capacity, and with the 8 inches of snow today, the lifts will be open for the
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season by tomorrow. >> the weather can go either way, but this is it a really good start, and we hope it continues. >> reporter: it's enough to satisfy snow lovers. this family came in search for a bunny hill. >> reporter: and this diehard snowboarder could not wait. >> a lot more snow! i'm praying for it . >> reporter: and he's not the only one. >> that is a really good start in november, and hopefully it keeps going all season long. now why >> >> the power back on, into housing, and close this facility down! >> that was the plan. now it's onto plan b. why recovering from sandy may be a lot harder than anyone expected and take a lot longer.
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- overshadowed by a landmark election. it's been 11 days now since hurricane sandy rd ast coast. it's been 11 days now since hurricane sandy wore the shore on the northeast coast. and while plenty of people have seen their lights come back on, many more are just beginning to realize what they've lost. >> reporter: fema's jean romano took us inside the camp. it was built a week ago. it now houses 4,000 utility workers, first responder, and contractors. >> we have some linemen from canada that are here. the other people are processing in.
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>> reporter: 200 storm victims also live here now. more show up every day >> we're here to assist them. and we're going to do everything possible to help them. >> reporter: fema hopes to relocate the evacuees within a couple days. >> the goal of everybody in this room is to get the power back on, get into housing, and close this facility down. >> reporter: 11 days after sandy, thousands of storm victims along the coast still haven't seen the damage to their homes. >> total devastation. the place has to be gutted. karen hutchison got her first chance today. they were allowed two hours to survar the damage and return -- survey the damage and return with two suitcases. >> the whole first floor, the water went over the beds, the kitchen, everything is just torn apart. >> reporter: 324,000 new york, new jersey, and connecticut storm victims have applied to
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fema with rental and home repairs. >> reporter: in new jersey, no one knows the new strop of the housing need. >> your numbers will only go up. >> that's definite. they will increase. more people will register. we'll have more opportunity to conduct inspections and verify the losses that people have had and help them with that beginning step. >> reporter: the shelter camp is only contracted to be here for another week although that could be extended. there's a second camp just like this in northern new jersey, and in new york, they're talking about building a third one on long island. this weekend some bay area veterans and their skills will be matched with people from the tech industry. america's newest veterans face unemployment when they come home. oftentimes more than the national average. and
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their numbers are growing. cbs 5 reporter sharon chin explain. >> reporter: for iraq war veteran david norman this, is basic training. >> it's really great to see companies in the silicon valley something us. >> reporter: the group trains veterans returning from iraq and afghanistan for technology jobs. tonight, dozens of veterans learned programming codes. >> we also want to teach design, marketing, how to write a business plan. how to do a presentation. there's so many things that you need to be in the tech industry besides coding. >> reporter: during the hacka-thon, veterans and techies
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team up. >> there are thousands of jobs available. nobody was putting the together two. and we thought that was just such a shame. >> reporter: about 1 million service members will be leaving active duty in the next five years. and while the unemployment rate is 7.9%, it's 10% for post-911 veterans. >> they make great leaders. and for start ups , that's one of the biggest qualities. >> former combat troops suffering from ptsd. a group of those veterans gathered to try a new approach to their therapy in vallejo today. dolphins figure into the healing process.
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>> reporter: they came home with invisible scars. hardened and psychological traumatized by their combat experiences. >> those are personal. >> i got you. >> i'd rather not go into that >> sure >> nightmares are a common occurrence of the they've gotten les and les frequent. but every time they come up, they're just as dramatic. >> reporter: of all places, their therapy took place in a tank at the discovery kingdom in vallejo. with some very sociable and loveable dolphins. the ten veterans are part of a post traumatic stress disorder recovery program known as the pathway home. at first, a lot of skepticism from the servicemen. >> woo! >> reporter: and the relationship started with the dolphins. once they got comfortable, the vets started dancing with the dolphins. they even rode them around the tank >> riding a dolphin! [ laughter ] >> reporter: and just two short
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hours, the emotional connection between the vets and the dolphins ended with kisses. >> i just want to feed him fish and swim with him! >> reporter: this was the first time theed wounded warriors got -- these wounded warriors got to work with these dolphins. it was such a success, they're thinking about having other soldiers come here for further treatment. >> go to bed, just excited, and you know, happy, and hopefully not have any nightmares. >> it was a chilly day outside today. look at where we starred in oakland. 41 degrees. the coldest morning in seven months. and guess what? it gets colder. when the scold snap will end next. [ female announcer ] welcome, one and all,
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so raise your glass, pull up a chair, grab a plate. this tastier thanksgiving is well worth the wait. safeway. ingredients for life. we have gone from record highs to 30s in oakland this morning. here's a peek outside.
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mostly cloudy skies outside . we also are already in the 40s or upper 30s in much of the bay area. that has prompted the national weather service to issue a frost advisory north of the golden gate! cover those plants if you can! it's in risk north of the golden gate tonight. high-depth doppler, a few showers offshore. rain is no longer an, why. it's the cold air -- no longer an issue. tomorrow night, downright bone-chilling. near freezing north of the golden gate tomorrow night. watch what happens. 10:00, dragging down more cold air. so we will stay chilly this weekend even as the sunshine comes back. you'll get some for the top of next week. high pressure building in.
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and we'll be on the edge of high pressure. the northern edge. not that warm or sunny, but it will be milder next woke. isolated showers -- next week. mornings will be cold, afternoons will be sunny and chilly. high temperatures tomorrow, still only in the 50s. san francisco 56, livermore 59. 60 for walnut creek, upper 50s for petaluma and novato. sunny on sunday. chance of rain comes back but not until next thursday.
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four start, and with all the draa early friday the lakers fired head coach mike brown after the team's 1-4 start. with all the drama, you'd think now would be a good time for the
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warriors to face them! 1st quarter, and the warriors down 2. and on the run, clay thompson! warriors led by 1 early! 2nd quarter, lakers working around bryant. oh, the perimeter game! bariors shot 34! lakers win. basketball at oracle. cody dool and, cardinals too much in the 2nd half. cardinals win 74-62. and daren mcfadden injured his ankle last sunday against tampa bay. he will be out for sunday's game. taiwan jones will be the man splitting duties.
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>> all right.
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